MTQUA presents the World’s Best Hospitals for Medical TouristsTM

Since 2009, Medical Travel Quality Alliance MTQUA (MTQUA, pronounced “em-tee-kwah”) has chosen ten of the best hospitals in the world for medical travelers. These world-class hospitals provide both excellent medical care and outstanding patient services for internationally traveling patients. At these world’s best hospitals, medical tourists can expect to get the best possible treatment within their budgets, heal well, return safely to their homes and resume their daily lives.

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Why Medical Travel Quality Alliance?

Medical Travel Quality Alliance is an independent international organization that certifies medical facilities and service providers and promotes excellence in delivering treatment and care to medical travelers and health tourists. 

MTQUA'S Selection Process

MTQUA receives applications from many of the best hospitals around the world. We then select outstanding applicants based on the quality of their medical treatment, care, and the best practices they provide to medical tourists and traveling patients.

Our team meets with medical personnel, patient care staff, and management at these hospitals to study their patient care services, review their facilities, learn about their best qualities and practices, and talk with their patients.

Finally, MTQUA picks the 10 hospitals that we believe best meet our standards for quality in international patient treatment, care, and services for medical tourists.

2019 Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists

Previous list of the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists

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Medical Travel Covid-19 disclaimer

During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical tourism worldwide came to a near standstill. Hospitals were overwhelmed with urgent patient treatment. Air and ground travel came to a halt. MTQUA did not publish the list of the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists for 2020 and 2021.

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