What is Medical Tourism?

Medical travel creates healthcare choices

Medical tourism rewards those who choose t o travel by providing excellent medical treatment and care at a price they can afford. But with the rewards come more and greater risks of getting the desired results.

Medical travel is more than finding a good hospital that offers extras like hotel bookings, transportation services, and special foods. Patients expect these extras, and many treatment centers are more than happy to provide these extra comforts.

Just as traveling for medical treatment to a foreign land cannot be treated like a vacation, neither can it be treated like a visit to your local hospital or clinic. Travel for medical treatment creates risks for patients that are different from those had they been treated at home.

This is not a reason to stay home; this is a reason for those who treat and those being treated to become more intelligent and better at understanding the problems, lowering the risks, and getting better outcomes.

Want to learn more about medical tourism?

In What is Medical Tourism? you get clear and practical explanations of the words and phrases of “medical tourism.”

As a hospital, you can learn how to better serve your patients or clients better, grow your business, and become a better-preferred source for medical tourists.

Traveling for medical care is a big decision. Before becoming a patient, you will want to consider the following questions:

Find answers to these questions and others in this Medical Travel Quality Alliance report

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